When you think of senior living, do you picture a facility that only cares for people who need long-term care in retirement homes? If so, you’re not alone. Most people think that’s all that senior living communities are.

However, that’s a very narrow viewpoint. Independent living can offer a host of benefits that make life easier for those who are largely self-sufficient but need a little help now and then.

At Birchwood Suites, we’re specialists in independent living for seniors. We understand how important it is for seniors to maintain independence as they age, which is why we offer independent living services to help your loved one do that.

Those in our care have access to daily living services like meals and housekeeping, as well as participation in a senior living community of people who share their interests and passions. Our residents are active members of a thriving independent living community; whether playing bridge, joining a fitness class, or volunteering at the local food bank, there are many value-adding activities to consider.

Choosing Between Assisted Living and Independent Living

The specific needs of your loved one should determine the choice between assisted living and independent living. Many communities (like Birchwood Suites) offer assisted and independent living options. Residents can adjust their lifestyles based on their changing needs.

When considering independent living for seniors, it is essential to consider what level of care your loved one requires right now. If they can mostly take care of themselves, and only require aid with specific tasks or functions every once in a while, independent living may be the right choice.

In addition to thinking about current needs, it is usually a good idea to plan with the future in mind. Your loved one may be fine living independently right now, but they may eventually need more help. So, consider senior living options that progress over time as quality of life changes.

What Senior Living and Senior Recreation Services Does Birchwood Suites Provide?

Birchwood Suites is a community for adults looking to enjoy an independent lifestyle that won’t put them at risk. We provide independent living for seniors services in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Our residents enjoy the benefits of being part of a community that encourages independence, self-confidence, and personal growth. They participate in activities like cooking classes, yoga, and socializing with other residents and their family members.

Our staff provides 24/7 on-site assistance with daily tasks like laundry and meal preparation, as well as transportation assistance within our community or outside of it. If our clients ever need additional help from a licensed nurse or personal care aide, we can provide those services too!

We also offer assistance with activities that help our residents improve their skills and creativity. Our suite of services for adults is perfect for helping your loved ones feel their best at all times.

Some of these services include:

  • 24/7 home care from our team of experienced professionals
  • Meal preparation and delivery (including gluten-free and vegetarian options)
  • Errands, shopping, and transportation assistance
  • In-home pet care (with an additional charge)

Independent Living for Seniors You Can Count On

We hope this information will help you decide whether independent living is right for your loved one. If you’re considering this option, contact Birchwood Suites.

You’ll meet with one of our staff members who can answer any questions you may have about our community and the services we offer. We’ll also discuss if it’s the right time to transition someone you love into an independent living facility. After that meeting, we’ll take time to show you around our community so that you can see firsthand what it’s like to live here.

Call 631-368-5252 or email us at admissions@birchwoodsuites.com to schedule a free consultation on independent living for seniors.

Independent Living for Seniors
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